Starting Thursday, Nov. 18, the online ordering system is being UPDATED and is UNAVAILABLE. Please call the Café at 864-631-1397 to place an order.
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Our Story

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"All of earth's members depend on being able to sup from a global table that offers good water, clean air and fertile soil chock full of life."

Lisa McMinn

Our Mission

At Oak Hill Café and Farm, we are passionate about hyper-local ingredients, creativity, community, the environment and health. We believe the best way to prepare food is to start with the best ingredients. The Farm at Oak Hill employs permaculture techniques to create the "fertile soil chock full of life" from which we will derive our fresh produce. We serve our customers fresh, interesting, great tasting combinations of food prepared in creative ways by our culinary team. And our hope is to foster an atmosphere of comfort, enjoyment and learning for our community.