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So you don't see bark used for a serving dish every day. Nor will you meet a team of creative individuals like we have at Oak Hill Café and Farm every day. So if you're looking for employment, why not give us a try? We are looking for out-of-the-box-thinking talented people who will stand along side us and continue to push the boundaries in Greenville and in the culinary world at large. We encourage local, adventurous individuals to apply. We are here to foster community and this includes community in our team. Those who gain employment at Oak Hill will be treated like family, and we will always strive to encourage strengths and stretch imaginations in all areas of the culinary experience. Whether you are looking for a position in the back of the house or front of the house, we want you to learn about more than your area of expertise. For instance, everyone will learn how to make a great espresso or cappuccino. We are partnering with Due South Coffee and they will train all of us to make the best cup of coffee possible. Our farm partners, Aaron and Chris, will impart their expertise in permaculture organic farming methods, and we will all be out in the farm (in our back yard!) learning from them about where our food comes from and how to plant, grow and harvest it. Then we'll take it back to the kitchen, or R&D lab to get the most out of the produce to create the best culinary experience possible. We hope you sense the excitement we feel about Oak Hill and will join our team!

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