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Oak Hill Café Construction

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So...when you're trying to change a former residence into a farm-to-table restaurant and farm, it's easy right? A piece of cake. Sounded like a great idea! Let's just say, there are always barriers when trying to open a new business. We've just had more than our share. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Good News: Construction has begun! Well, deconstruction and site work, anyway. We're making progress and now the daily question, "When are you guys ever going to open?" has changed to "I saw some BIG machines on your property. Are they digging a swimming pool?" I wish I could say that the code-required retention pond could be used for something more than catch basin, but oh well. We do what we have to do to make everyone happy. And not to worry. All those beautiful oaks that had to come down for "site prep" are being used for our innovative farm in the back. Yep, we're growing twelve (yes 12!) varieties of mushrooms from all that good wood. So when you sit down in the cafe and are served a delicious mushroom based dish in the coming months, you'll have to stop and consider how cool it is that a once soaring oak tree provided the needed nutrients to spawn those delicious fungi that fill your mouth with umami goodness.

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