July Updates--BACH and BEER this Saturday!

The Farmers Tap, and Tapas + BOGO wine on Wednesdays
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The Farmers Tap:
Volcanic Wine Tasting - OCT. 14 at 6pm
**Reserve Your Spot**

Experience volcanism and the connection between soil and wine with five wines from Curated Selections. Vineyard altitude, grape varieties and cellar practices all play crucial roles in the final product, but volcanic soils lend structure, longevity and an extra layer of dimension to the final wines.
• $30 per person, with the option to purchase a snack from the Café
• Tickets Limited to 30. This is an OUTDOOR event.

Open Thursday-Saturday • 5pm-9pm
6 Local Beers + 3 Wines on Tap with a view of The Farm at Oak Hill during PEAK growing season.

Reservations are Suggested for Indoor and Outdoor Dining

Café – Thursday-Sunday • 10am-3pm
Dinner – Wednesday-Saturday • 5pm-9pm